Episode 21

Keynote Speaker Marcus Black Explains Why YOU MATTER In This World

What is the MISSING PIECE in life?

Enjoy this impactful and EXTREMELY MOTIVATING conversation between your Emmy Award-winning host, Aurea McGarry, and her dynamic guest Marcus Black.

This episode will LIGHT YOU UP!!!!!! Marcus explains why YOU MATTER in this world, how two death-defying moments changed him for the worse and the better plus so much more!!

Marcus Black is a former pastor and current urban missionary providing leadership and mentoring programs to several inner-city schools. He’s a traveling inspirational speaker, life coach, and host of "The Vitalize" Podcast.

Ever since he nearly lost his life at age 18, he’s been committed to making the most of every moment given to him on this earth! Not only does he want to live life to the fullest, but he also wants to give wisdom, love, life, and energy to you and all those he comes into contact with along his journey! That’s the driving force behind his movement; The Vitalize Project!

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