Episode 19

Learn How to Scale to a Billion with Special Guest Passion to CEO Alexa D'Agostino

Wanting a Million & Billion Dollar Business Isn't Enough.

Emmy Award-winning TV show host, Aurea McGarry, interviews Passion To CEO founder, Alexa D'Agostino, who has helped over 300 clients generate OVER 5 BILLION dollars in sales.

Starting a business isn’t hard… scaling it is.

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful when it comes to growing the business? 


Over the last 16 years, Alexa and her team have been at the forefront of witnessing brands go from an idea on a napkin in a diner to being worth over $350MM.

But the million-dollar question is “how?”. 

Visit https://bit.ly/thynk for a complimentary consultation with Alexa's team member Tonia, if you are ready to scale your business to the high 6 and 7 figures or to get it ready to sell.

Mention Aurea McGarry when you reach out to them to get the royal VIP treatment!!

Go from SOLOpreneur to a 6, 7, and 8-figure CEO of your own company that you can leave as a legacy or sell for huge profits.

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Aurea McGarry

Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host & Producer, serving on their Board of Governors and as an active Emmy judge. Founder of CELEBRITIZE Your Business online courses for female business owners.
An author & co-author of 8 self-help books, a professional speaker and chosen TEDX speaker for 2021, an event emcee, and a charity auctioneer.
The founder and host of the Live Your Legacy Summit event series, and of two online shows “Success Talk” and the Silver Telly Award Winning “Smart Talk” show.
Aurea is a monthly lead TV show host for “Atlanta Live” on WATC – TV, and frequent expert panelist on the 11ALIVE NBC Atlanta affiliate daytime TV morning show “Atlanta & Company.”
As a sought-after professional speaker and women’s empowerment coach she speaks on the airwaves and at events across the globe inspiring women to live their best legacy and teaches them how to CELEBRITIZE their VOICE while they become the “Go-To” influencer in their industry increasing their visibility, credibility, and profitability.
Aurea is a Cancer & Domestic Violence Sur-THRIVER and a Walking Miracle who was told by doctors she would never speak again after they had to remove her left vocal cord nerve in 1999 during her cancer surgery! She went on to become a speaker and a multi-award-winning TALK show host and producer after she was told that TALKING would be IMPOSSIBLE! She wants YOU to believe in your miracles too.
She’s been featured on over 500 radio shows, dozens of podcasts, and over 100 TV shows including The 700 Club, Atlanta & Company, PBS, FOX Good Day Atlanta, Daytime Tampa Bay, and Nite Line with audiences in the millions.
Aurea faced many struggles along her journey including the murder of her father, divorce, domestic violence, cancer, and she wrote her autobiography about how to overcome them all, staying positive and successful in business, titled “I Won’t Survive, I’ll Thrive!”